· By Sam Robertson

Arvida Podcasts are Coming!

Calling all podcast lovers! 🎧📚 Arvida is excited to announce we are hosting podcasts! From fiction to non-fiction, from serious to silly, we want to provide our Arvidians with some of the discussions you'd have or overhear while spending time in the shop.

  • Our new podcast series Arvida Afterwords will feature book clubs from the shop- we'll be having conversations with members about their thoughts and opinions post-book club meeting on that month's pick.
  • Moments at Arvida is hosted by local wonder woman Maria Winger. Maria will be interviewing local community members and sharing their stories, their struggles, their triumphs and their insights.
  • So Many Things Wong with Tony and Steven is about raising and exploring pet peeves in our lives. 

Stay tuned to find out about upcoming podcasts series and episodes and where to listen!