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About Attribution:

Published by: She Writes Press

Release Date: October 11, 2022

ISBN13: 978-1647422530


Art historian Cate Adamson, still grieving the death of her brother and desperate to succeed, leaves her troubled parents in the Midwest to complete her doctorate in New York only to find herself assigned to a misogynist advisor. She attempts to impress him until she discovers a hidden painting, possibly a Baroque masterpiece, in the university basement. Risking her career, financial disaster, and further alienation from her family, she flees to Spain with the painting to consult art experts.

Antonio, an impoverished duke, clings to the decaying legacy of the House of Olivares. When he meets Cate on the train to Seville, he joins her search, and they uncover evidence in his five hundred-year old library to support the painting’s provenance including a document about the artist’s final years that will shock the titans of art history. But Cate vacillates about revealing the truth, fearful that it may destroy her career, her family’s expectations, and her future with Antonio.

Written with vivid prose, rich references to seventeenth century Spanish art, compelling characters and a historical puzzle, Attribution is the story of one contemporary woman’s journey to understand the past and unlock her future.


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“Desperate for meaning and to fill the hole left by her younger brother’s death, an art historian searches for a lost painting—and finds herself. Gorgeously written, and as rapturous as a Van Gogh, Moore’s book is a winner.”

–Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling author of Pictures of You and With or Without You


“Attribution is an intriguing art-historical fantasia. I loved reading it!”

–Edward J. Sullivan, Professor of the History of Art, New York University


“Moore knocked me out with this high concept, arthouse puzzle. I was on my heels the whole time, in the best way, gobbling up the next clue as the book pushes toward an evocative crescendo. A fascinating debut.”

—Josh Mohr, Author of Model Citizen: A Memoir


“Moore’s passion for art, and her deep knowledge of the field, makes Attribution as beautifully rendered as the mysterious painting at the center of its gripping mystery. An engrossing debut about the importance and power of truth.”

—Stacey Swann, author of Olympus, Texas