Baby's Room to the BoardRoom: A Guide for Working Moms: How to Transition from Bottle Feeding to Boss Moves!

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Working moms often grapple with the undue stress of trying to successfully balance raising kids and having a career-leaving many women with feelings of failure.


In Baby's Room to the Board Room, Letitia Clark speaks directly to the heart and soul of the working mom by sharing tips, tricks, and lessons learned during her journey of motherhood. These tools have helped her to be both a mother and a boss in her professional life.


While Letitia Clark does not profess to have all the answers, one thing is assured. After reading this book, be ready to abandon your Superwoman-imposter feelings; you will be reminded that being a mom is the ultimate superpower.


For new and experienced moms alike, the tips and essential hacks shared will help unlock your true mom boss within.