Beaded Jewelry Made Easy (Alt Summit)

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Everything you need to know about making beaded jewelry.


There's nothing quite like having the perfect piece of jewelry to complete an outfit. Now, imagine what it would feel like if you had the skills to create your own (because, let's face it, everyone loves jewelry)! Beaded Jewelry Made Easy shows you exactly what tools and materials are easy and fun to work with, and how you can hone your jewelry making skills to create beautiful, frustration-free accessories in your spare time.


This beginner's guide provides a comprehensive explanation of tools, materials, basic techniques, and definitions of commonly used jewelry making terms along with more than forty design ideas that are sure to inspire you to keep your bead bins full and pliers close at hand. Step-by-step instructions paired with full-color photographs show you how to create unique designs that will draw the attention of friends and strangers alike, including:
  • Simple drop earrings
  • Multi-strand necklaces
  • Memory wire bracelets
  • And so much more
Start making beautifully beaded jewelry today with Beaded Jewelry Made Easy.