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An honest and stirring novel about the choices made by
young environmental activists, and the balancing act between consequence and



Malia has had a privileged upbringing in Indonesia, but
since her Indonesian father died, her Canadian mother wants to return to her
own family on the other side of the world. Malia is determined to stay.
Indonesia is her home, and she loves it. Besides, if she leaves, how can she
continue to fight for her country's precious rainforests?



Ari knows he is lucky to be going to school and competing on
the chess team, even if it means an endless round of chores at his uncle's
restaurant. Back in his home village, he and his cousin Suni dreamed about
getting a chance like this. But now he is here without her, and the guilt is
crushing him. As if that weren't enough, he's horribly worried about Ginger
Juice, his uncle's orangutan. The too-small cage where she lives is clearly
hurting her body and her mind, but where else can she go? The rainforest where
she was born is a palm oil plantation now.



In Berani, Governor General's Award finalist Michelle
Kadarusman spins together three perspectives: Malia, who is prepared to risk
anything for her activism, Ari, who knows the right path but fears what it will
cost, and Ginger Juice, the caged orangutan who still remembers the forest and
her mother. The choices the young people make will have consequences for
themselves, for Ginger Juice, and for others, if they are brave enough--or
reckless enough--to choose.