Hamlet Translated Into Modern English: The most accurate line

line translation available, alongside original English, stage directions and historic (Shakespeare Translated #24)

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Now You Too Can Understand Shakespeare.

Modern English side-by-side with original text includes study notes and stage directions.

For the first time collected in one volume, Shakespeare's original play side-by-side with an accurate line-by-line modern English translation, along with stage directions, study notes and historical facts to aid understanding.

The original innuendos, political satire, puns and bawdy humour are retained, bringing the work to life for scholars, students, actors prepping for a performance, or lovers of the work to enjoy today without flicking back and forth for lengthy explanations.

Additional study notes by former QI researcher and translation verified by historical consultant to the BBC and major movie companies.

As an eight year old boy, SJ Hills read the first part of a simplified version of Macbeth in a children's comic. He rushed to the library to finish the story only to learn he couldn't understand the original work. So began a lifelong dream of making Shakespeare understandable for all, down the the smallest detail, enlisting the help of the world's most renowned researchers from BBC TV series, QI, to aid him.

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