If I Were Your Angel

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Show your children how much you love them!

Sometimes the most difficult things to say out loud are the most important ones... In our fast-paced world, it is easy to forget how much a simple "I love you" means to a child. This is why the author of this beautifully written and illustrated masterpiece put together a collection of creative and loving words every child would be thankful to hear.

"If I were your angel, I'd use my smile...

To bring you laughter for a while.

Arrange the clouds, so you can see...

How much happiness you bring to me."

"If I were your Angel" is an embodiment of parental love - the best book to help you express feelings to your child/grandchild!

Here, at Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream, we believe that children's books are more than just stories - they're vessels of inspiration, education, and imagination. Every book we publish is carefully selected to teach kids valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.

From the publisher who brought to you "Fiona Flamingo", "Right Now, I Am Fine", "Zen Pig", "The Snowman's Song", "Bug Soup", and "The Super Tiny Ghost", "If I Were Your Angel" is a welcome addition to our incredible collection of best-selling children's books!