Life Beyond Likes (Alt Summit)

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With so much of our lives lived online, we've never been more connected--or disconnected from what's most important to us.


It's time to let go of our curated online worlds and get beyond our need for likes.


For all that we think we're getting out of social media, we're also getting duped. The perfection echo chamber oftentimes makes us feel like we're getting left behind.


The truth is, life is messy, but curated online fabulousness makes it hard to let our true selves show, and it impedes our ability to have real, meaningful connections. Depression, anxiety, and suicide are also on the rise, and the virtual world is partially to blame, affecting our self-worth, our friendships, and the way we choose to navigate our real lives.


As the founder and CEO of Squad, an app company built on connectedness, Isa Watson knows firsthand why we need to learn how to be more genuine. The digital world is her lifeblood, but it's also been an Achilles' heel: She struggled privately with some of the biggest challenges life can throw at you, while online she seemed to be living her best life--earning high-profile accolades, taking fabulous trips, and partying with the likes of many big name celebrities. It took a personal crisis to make her realize that she needed to change.


In Life Beyond Likes, she gets real, sharing practical guidance on:
  • Getting over the addiction to likes, and letting your true self shine
  • Recognizing your own damaging habits and developing healthy ones
  • Determining when a friendship has run its course
  • Getting comfortable with discomfort in order to make real connections

Drawing from a wealth of experiences including being the youngest published chemist in the world, working as executive in the upper echelons at JPMorgan Chase, and founding her own company, Isa helps readers better understand what constitutes success, identify what's really important, and achieve a balance between the curated online world and the enriching, emotionally nourishing world right in front of us.