Maybe There Are Witches Book Launch

Author Jude Atwood in conversation with Tim Cummings

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About the book:

After moving to the tiny village of Biskopskulla, middle school student Clara Hutchins discovers that her family has a history in the region: one hundred forty years ago, one of her ancestors was hanged as a witch from the white oak tree on the edge of town. When Clara finds a mildewed diary in the basement, she's even able to read the rambling thoughts of her long-dead relative. But when the book's predictions about Clara's own life start coming true, she wonders if those 19th-century villagers had a point: maybe her great-great-great grandmother really did have unearthly abilities. Now, a break-in at the tomb of the town's founder means a great evil has returned to Biskopskulla. Clara and her newest friends-- two of the weirdest boys in school-- must join forces to decipher the messages of a murdered witch and stop an unnatural catastrophe. But as they quest through historic cemeteries, backcountry libraries, and high-octane scholastic bowl tournaments, something sinister is lurking, watching, and waiting...