Mocktail Party: Hosted by Author of The Mocktail Club Derick Santiago

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Join me this Friday, January 12, from 5-7pm at Arvida Book Co. in Old Town Tustin. We are going to do a mocktail demo where I will show you some basic bartending tips and tricks and how to make great-tasting mocktails at home! If you’re new to non-alcoholic spirits and new to Dry January, this is the perfect chance for you to sample some great spirit alternatives available in the market today! We will be doing a tasting of non-alcoholic spirits from @drinkfreespirits and @lyresspiritco ! I will also be mixing mocktails so you can try some recipes from my book “The Mocktail Club”.

Come hangout with us and keep Dry January rolling!

Thank you very much to the following brands for their support! @drinkfreespirits @lyresspiritco @allthebitter @liquidalchemist @abarabove @crewbarware

Thank you very much @arvidabookco for hosting us!

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