The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of the Whole Stupid World

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"Following in the footsteps of the bestselling first book THE FIELD GUIDE TO DUMB BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA, the ever-annoyed-by-birds author Matt Kracht brings us THE FIELD GUIDE TO DUMB BIRDS OF THE WHOLE STUPID WORLD. This time he ventures around the globe to include snarky names and descriptions of stupid birds from the whole dang world. Packaged with the same charmingly crappy drawings, maps, and handwriting of the original, this follow-up will be yet another perfect gift for serious and casual birders alike. This crudely illustrated small paperback includes an all-new worldwide selection of birds with the same charmingly crappy 4-color art and hand-drawn type. With more bird diagrams, drawings, and maps, this sequel will deliver another helping of snarky animal humor with a balance of fact and wit that appeals to both hardcore birders and casual bird fans that don't take birding too seriously"