· By Sam Robertson

A Note of Thanks From Sam

Those of you that have popped into the shop these past few weeks have probably already witnessed the sentimental state that I have been in as we approach our first anniversary. This past year has been such an incredible non-stop challenge and up until this month I hadn’t given myself the chance to reflect on it all. When I first got the keys to the shop I was filled with such excitement and terror… Unsure of whether I would be capable of the task at hand. I look around the shop today and I see a living dream- a space that is filled to the brim with love and community. Our neighborhood has rallied and shown their support. To everyone that came in and bought a book or ordered from our website- THANK YOU. To everyone that took a minute to write a YELP or GOOGLE review- we thank you. We are still here because of YOU. You have supported our sacred space of knowledge and idea sharing. You have shown that an independent bookstore was worth the fight- worth the literal blood sweat and tears we’ve shed this last year. That you believe in it too. I am utterly humbled. To all of my friends and my family that have shown up and supported Mike and I in this fight- there are really no words. We are here because of YOU. I know that we have a long fight ahead and many challenges in front of us- namely the supply chain issues we are faced with this holiday season and the unending battle with the Goliath that shall go unnamed but I am ready for it- and will keep fighting for years to come. 

With all my gratitude~