· By Sam Robertson

Introducing: Tolima Coffee Company

We are proud to announce a dream come to life: Tolima Coffee Company. Named for the coffee growing region of Colombia where Mike’s grandmother is from, Tolima Coffee Company is Arvida’s own coffee shop. 

The Tolima region is situated in the middle of the Coffee Axis in Colombia, where some of the finest coffee in the world is grown. When our family visited Colombia pre-pandemic we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in Mike’s culture and got to witness firsthand the pride that Colombian people take in their coffee. 

Mike and I have been working tirelessly to bring together every element of the coffee shop, from the brand of alternative milk to the stir sticks to the style of lids and most importantly to the BEANS. We are thrilled to introduce our partnership with local award winning coffee roaster, with Stereoscope. Their single origin espresso roast, El Tambo, from Colombia will be our house espresso. We will also provide other great blends and single origin options for drip coffee, cold brew and pour overs.

We will specialize in coffee but will also have a full spectrum of products including a robust tea program and Kombucha from Old Town Tustin’s very own Rich Elixirs

Please come try us out during our soft opening in the beginning of October as we ramp up to be at full capacity in the coming weeks. We will be offering a limited menu, but complimentary drinks in the beginning for you to try! We look forward to seeing you and getting your input!


Thank you


~Sam and Mike

Tolima Coffee Company will soft open with a limited menu on October 1st.