· By Sam Robertson

Arvida Book Clubs- Spring 2024

In celebration of the shared passion for reading and the joy of discovery, Arvida Book Clubs are here to enhance your reading experience and connect you with the local literary community. 

Joining a book club at Arvida Book Company is easy! Simply drop by our store, pick up whatever your book club of choice is reading, read it, show up to the book club meeting and discuss! Your next great discussion—and perhaps your next great friend—awaits!

Here’s a look at some of the book clubs we host. Whether you are a casual reader or a voracious bibliophile, we have something just for you! Happy reading!


Name Instagram Handle Meeting Time On The Patio
Arvida First Editions @arvidabookco First Sunday- 5pm
Arvida Non Fiction @arvidabookco Fourth Saturday- 4pm
Class Lit Book Club Second Satruday 9am
Future Leaders Book Club Third Sunday, Even Months, 10.30am
Garden Book Club @akashicconsultantchhabra TBD
I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie @ilikebigbooks_icannotlie Third Saturday 4:30 PM Every three months
Magical Morning Book Club @magicalmorningbookclub First Sunday- 9.30am
Modern Love @bookstasandra Last Sunday 9:30 am
No Elves Allowed (Scifi and Spec Fic) @noelvesallowed First Saturday 10am
Parenting Book Club @allbodiesnurture Last Friday 9:00
Personal Development Book Club @akashicconsultantchhabra DM
Poetry Book Club @akashicconsultantchhabra DM
Romantasy Book Club @romantasybookclub Second Saturday 10AM
Silent Book Club @silentbookclubtustin Third Saturday 8:30am (Feb 17)
Step Into Fantasy @stepintofantasy Third Saturday 3 PM
The Pen & Ink Club @theOCbookgirl First Sunday- 3.30pm
Thrills and Chills Suspense Book Club @bookstasandra Last Sunday 11:30 am
Tustin Chamber of Commerce Book Club @TustinChamber Wednesday, Odd Months, 12pm
Boozy Book Club Hiatus
Graphic Novel Book Club @antibookclub.bookclub First Saturday 11:30AM
Horror Book Club TBD
Cookbook Book Club @kitcheninkcc Second wednesday 7pm RSVP required