• City of Tustin gave us the David and Goliath award!

    · By Sam Robertson

    We were honored to receive a business award from the City of Tustin this morning! What a year it has been.  Thank you Old Town Tustin for being the most welcoming and supportive community that we could ask for and thank you to Mayor Clark for the honor!

  • Introducing: Tolima Coffee Company

    · By Sam Robertson

    We are proud to announce a dream come to life: Tolima Coffee Company. Named for the coffee growing region of Colombia where Mike’s grandmother is from, Tolima Coffee Company is Arvida’s own coffee shop.  The Tolima region is situated in the middle of the Coffee Axis in Colombia, where some of the finest coffee in the world is grown. When our family visited Colombia pre-pandemic we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in Mike’s culture and got to witness firsthand the pride that Colombian people take in their coffee.  Mike and I have been working tirelessly to bring together every...

  • A Note of Thanks From Sam

    · By Sam Robertson

    Those of you that have popped into the shop these past few weeks have probably already witnessed the sentimental state that I have been in as we approach our first anniversary. This past year has been such an incredible non-stop challenge and up until this month I hadn’t given myself the chance to reflect on it all. When I first got the keys to the shop I was filled with such excitement and terror… Unsure of whether I would be capable of the task at hand. I look around the shop today and I see a living dream- a space...