How to Foster a Rescue Dog: Training for You and Training for Your Foster Dog. From Selecting a Rescue to Adoption

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Fostering a rescue dog can be rewarding both to the volunteer and to the dog. It is a way to help dogs in need, reduce the pet overpopulation problem, and have a loving four legged house guest on a short-term basis.

But how do you get started in dog fostering?

How do you pick a good rescue to work with? What do you need to do to begin?How do you select the right dog and the right adoption application? Isn't it too hard to let them go? Don't you want to keep them all?

"How to Foster a Rescue Dog" answers all of these questions, and more. What's included in this rescue primer:

  • Why foster? The benefits of fostering
  • Evaluating what kind of dog you'd like to foster and what you can give
  • Selecting a rescue
  • Bringing home and caring for your foster
  • The adoption-ready dog
  • Meet and greets with potential adopters
  • After the adoption
  • Other ways to give back besides fostering

This book goes into detail and gives advice far beyond what you will find on websites or what you will find in typical foster training.