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Ten-year-old Rudy is afraid of everything, and to top it off, two bullies like to chase him home from school! Every day those bullies try to make Rudy do things he's scared to do. Rudy's best friend Billy is usually there to defend him, but some days Billy is at Taekwondo class, and when that happens, Rudy finds himself panicked with fear.

One day Billy convinces Rudy to go fishing with him at a pond deep in the forest. What was meant to be a fun time together becomes the scariest experience of their lives. Rudy, trembling with fear and worry at every turn, mysteriously finds himself and his best friend lost in a strange world full of danger.

In Scaredy, Book 1 of the Adventures in Lusair, Rudy must learn to conquer his fears and find his power. The life of his best friend and the fate of this strange new world depends on it.