Who Are You Being?: Navigating the World We Live In

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"Who Are You Being? is an important book that should be required reading for everyone at this time in our history. It emphasizes the value of the choices we make and their impact on the world at large. I highly recommend it."

-Jack Canfield

Coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul (R) series and The Success PrinciplesTM: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

"Who Are You Being? reminds us of our importance, that we are significant and that character matters. This book is a rare combination of common sense, deep insight, and smart, helpful guidance for all of us. Relevant and timely."

-T Harv Eker

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire MindTM

Who Are You Being? examines our current American culture from how we behave toward each other along with how we treat ourselves. The book looks at how the values of our culture have shifted - valuing money above life, and materialism above compassion and human connection. We are in a culture breeding divisiveness, anger, addiction and depression on a grand scale. The notion of accountability has been replaced with blame. Our media is obsessed with sensational- ism. Our 24-hour news cycle is designed to incite and outrage. We are continuously being asked to react to stressors rather than evaluate information and think for ourselves.

The book puts forth the argument that we got to this place because we no longer place a value on any kind of introspection. We have abandoned the notion that self-evaluation is important - Plato's 'know thyself' has been lost. Being self-aware is essential for a healthy society. It is from here that a person's character is grown, and character is where success and value lie, both for ourselves and our collective futures. To shift the culture, we must first shift ourselves, one person at a time. If you don't like the world you're in you have the power to affect change.

Chapter by chapter, the reader will unveil a formula for self-awareness, learn how to recognize who they are being, then to identity and define who they want to become. At the end of each chapter are questions the reader can use to assist them on their personal journey.